On a Wire

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By Eujin Rhee
Meet the Tilt, a multi-purpose, fold-out piece of furniture shaped like a cube and second prize winner at imm cologne 2013's [D³] Design Talents Contest. Conceived by German industrial designer Tina Schmid, this versatile blue creation moves with you in mind; it can either be mounted on a wall for decoration, used as a side table, or serve as a hanging garment rack.
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On a Wire - Photo 1 of 3 -

Pay homage to the cubist shape by mounting it on your wall.

On a Wire - Photo 2 of 3 -

Running out of space on the floor? Mount it on the wall to virtually store a few garments in a snap.

On a Wire - Photo 3 of 3 -

The Tilt as a side table.