Om Sweet Home

You are genuflecting to the rabbit by wearing and not wasting its fur that was made fifty years ago. Om Sweet Home, as a reliquary of vintage clothes, water glasses, tables, wire baskets, and more, is dean of this school.

In addition to the rural and otherwise Main Street Americana is a wide selection of cheerful, karmically-kosher soaps, shampoos, shirts, stuffed animals, and just about everything else that can be made without preservatives or toxics. Prices are astonishingly reasonable for this far-western Williamsburg neighborhood known for rather hefty pricing. Children's clothing, books and furniture are one focus.

The East River-hugging environs are also known for New York City's largest oil spill, by ExxonMobile. To see this charming eco-friendly store shows at least one person, owner Justine Franko, making up for it in her charming way.

Om Sweet Home
59 Kent Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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