At a certain point the kitchen table (or, for that matter, the bed) just doesn't cut it in terms of organizational capacity and productivity, yet not everyone has a corner that's been waiting around to become a home office. A British company called OfficePOD has invented a solution to this dilemma. The OfficePOD is a compact, totally contained unit that has all the functions of a cubicle built into a beautifully designed mini-office that more closely resembles one of the many modern, prefab sheds we so often see.

The OfficePOD measures just under 7'x7'. The modules were designed with attention to energy efficiency and environmentally responsible materials (recyclable steel and natural wood). While the concept does require enough outdoor space to accommodate a spare room, it's also being marketed as a cubicle alternative for office buildings, giving workers more privacy and, presumably, an environment designed for greater comfort and productivity than the conventional lot.

via Springwise


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