Odd Angles Don't Stop This Apartment's Transformation

Odd Angles Don't Stop This Apartment's Transformation

By straightening angles, installing windows, and adding vertical accents, architect Aaron Ritenour brought light and order to an irregularly shaped apartment in the heart of Athens, Greece.

When Iason Vassiliou bought a two-story apartment in the center of Athens, Greece, in 2008, he wasn’t troubled by its quirks, including an oddly angled wall in the living room and a master bedroom so small that he had to step over his girlfriend, Maria Voutsina, to get out of bed. An electrical engineer whose company makes semiconductor chips, Vassiliou is used to cramming lots of important material into a tiny space. Irregularly shaped rooms seemed like a worthy trade-off for what he was getting: incredible views of Mount Lycabettus, the highest point in Athens, with a whitewashed church at its peak and pine trees at its base.

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