Novak Djokovic: Behind the Logo

The video includes a bit of what looks like iPad wizardry, with swooping tennis balls and hazy notions of freedom and dreams, but as a bit of personal design branding, the video seeks to explain something that the average athlete never really tries to. Here is what Djokovic himself posted on Facebook when he shared the video: "I know that some of u were wondering what my new logo represents and I thought it would be fair enough from me and my team to show u :) It took us a while to get where we are now, because we all believed that it had to be special, unique and symbolic - and that's never easy. So, here You go! Hope you like it ;)"

I'd still take the Joker's forehand over his logo, but if he keeps playing like he did last year, don't be surprised to see that ND emblazoned all over the summer camp set.

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