No Way Out

By David A. Greene / Published by Dwell
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The fun-house signage in the parking garage of the Eureka Tower in Melbourne, Australia is the brainchild of German graphic designer Axel Peemöller.

Like the elongated "Stop" and "Ped X-ing" lettering painted on U. S. roads, the crucial parking-cavern directions of "up" and "down" and "in" and "out" are painted on floors, walls, and elevators, and designed to be read from the vantage point of an approaching driver—from any other spot, the colorful letters are just visual noise. Trivia note: Dubbed "the world's tallest residential tower," the 984.3 ft Eureka sports a Trump-errific coating of 24k gold on the top 10 floors.


David A. Greene


Dave has contributed to Dwell since its inception. He's a CalArts dropout, a former art critic for The New Yorker, and a producer of comedies on TV. He lives in, and writes from, Los Angeles.

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