Get Some Shut-Eye at Casper’s Dreamy Nap Lounge in NYC

Get Some Shut-Eye at Casper’s Dreamy Nap Lounge in NYC

By Lucy Wang
For $25, you can curl up in the plush pods available at The Dreamery, a new “nap bar” in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village.

Instead of catching 40 winks on the subway, New Yorkers are now invited to hit snooze in a stylish napping haven in the heart of downtown.

E-commerce mattress company Casper has launched The Dreamery, a "nap bar" on the edge of SoHo where patrons can pay $25 for 45 minutes of shut-eye in a soothing space dressed in pastels and soft fabrics.

A deep blue plywood tunnel punctuated with twinkling, star-like lights leads from the entrance to the reception and lounge.

"Dream-inducing murals" decorate the walls of the softly lit lounge.

Whether you’re stressed, fatigued, or just plain tired, The Dreamery allows guests to take a break from the rat race, providing what the company describes as "Casper comfort on-demand; a quiet, private place with a freshly made bed, where you can kick off your shoes and reboot."

The space is dressed in soft pastel hues and eschews hard edges to create a dreamy setting.

The Dreamery also offers complimentary drinks and snacks as well as a lending library with books selected to induce sleep.

The Dreamery experience was informed from Casper’s extensive market research—that includes thousands of nap trials.

When guest check in, they are given an amenity kit with constellation-print pajamas, a sleep mask, ear plugs, socks, face wash, a "Hello" bamboo-charcoal toothbrush, and a comb.

Once checked in, guests are encouraged to wind down in the lounge and use the bathrooms to change and prepare for sleep. The bathrooms are located opposite a row of lockers.

"The Dreamery is about making sleep and rest a part of our regular wellness routines—similar to how many people prioritize a workout class," adds Neil Parikh, co-founder and COO at Casper. "The concept enables us to pilot new ways of bringing better sleep to more people and to more places—whether that’s here, the workplace, airports, or beyond."

In keeping with that belief, The Dreamery at 196 Mercer Street can be booked using ClassPass or MINDBODY, or online on Casper’s website; walk-ins are also welcome. The nap bar is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.

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The Dreamery includes nine private, cozy napping nooks outfitted with a Casper mattress, pillows, and sheets. Heavy curtains block out the light for a restful sleep.

There are 50 available napping slots per day that are staggered to minimize disruptions, and to give the staff time to clean and change the bedding. 

White noise and other soothing sounds are played to lull patrons to sleep.


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