New Rietveld App for iPhones

The app acts just like a guidebook, but without the heft of a standard paperback (something most travelers will appreciate). For each of the 200 projects included, there is a full street address, historic and modern images, and a description of the structure. The app's GPS function can help you find what Rietveld-designed structures are close by and also map routes between your current location and them--one thing a heavy guidebook can't do. The projects are categorized by city and region, so if you happen to be in Bergeyek and want to find out if there are any interesting Rietveld projects close by--there happen to be five in the area--you can click on the city, see the projects there, scroll through them and decide if they're worth taking a look at.

And even if you can't trek to Utrecht to see the buildings in person, the app is a fun way to learn a few extra facts about one of the 20th century's most celebrated architects.


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