New Letterpress from bluepoolroad

Peggy Wong does all the designs herself, and she shared some of the inspiration behind her work, which includes notes, pads, cards and hand-stamped tags.

How did you get interested and involved in design?

I grew up on the actual Blue Pool Road in Hong Kong (and moved to the states when I was 12). It was— and probably still is— the design/architectural mecca of Hong Kong, and I remember going to amazing furniture stores in the neighborhood. My father is a retired architect, so growing up I was influenced and fascinated by buildings, lines and shapes, colors and textures. Eventually, I found my way through the design world and decided typography is my real passion.

What kinds of eco-friendly elements do you integrate into your process?

There are various "light green" elements in my work; I think every little bit helps. I use 100% tree-free cotton paper, as well as FSC certified and recycled paper (I love recycled factory offcuts!), and soy-based inks.  Some of the cards are created using letterpress without ink (like the “missing u”) and in these cases I don't even have to turn the power on, because the rollers don’t need to be inked and at that point, it’s all manual labor. Visually, I think they’re stunning, so I'm really happy with the results.

They’re all undoubtedly near and dear to you, but do you have a favorite card from your range?

If I have to pick one, it would actually have to be the "missing u" card from the U & I series - I just love the simplicity of it.

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