New from Resource Furniture

New from Resource Furniture

By Kelsey Keith
Right before Hurricane Sandy swept into New York and its environs, we paid a visit to the midtown showroom of Resource Furniture. Resource Furniture is a frequent exhibitor at Dwell on Design, and their roster of transformable furniture pieces—beds, desks, tables, you name it—makes small space living a cinch. Dwell got a tour of all the latest, plus a demonstration of one of the genre's most classic pieces: the original LGM system from Clei (in handy GIF form for your viewing pleasure).

The LGM Tavolo by Clei was introduced in 1974; in fact, Clei's founding Colombo family still has an original system in its vacation home in Italy. The LGM is a vertically opening queen bed with fold-down table that rotates 180 degrees to reveal a queen wall bed and can also be used as a desk when closed.

This GIF highlights how the LGM bed goes from completely undetected (behind a bookshelf) to front and center with one 180-degree rotation and a simple pull-down motion. Lisa Blecker of Resource Furniture points out that it's the store's best-selling piece of furniture, even without advertising it: "It still solves so many issues in so many different kinds of spaces, from studios to larger suburban homes. Its audience is wider than anything else in our showroom–from young singles to older suburbanites."

In early 2012, when New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the competition for the city's adAPT Micro-Unit Housing Program, Resource plotted out a 300-square-foot model apartment in its showroom. The multitasking furniture installed in the mini-abode sleeps three, seats eight for dinner, and includes a full-size bathroom and efficiency kitchen.

For more live-action unfolding, check out this space-saver video on Resource Furniture's website.

One of the pieces installed in the model apartment is a fold-out desk cabinet called the Flatmate that's only four inches deep when closed. It features built-in interior lighting, cubbyholes along the sides for storage, and a power strip.

Some of the newer transformable systems are finished with slightly more "transitional" trim and colors to appeal to a variety of homeowners. This queen bed can be drawn out from the wall without having to remove the tchotchkes from the attached shelf.

Here, a stand-alone unit that doesn't have to be built-in to a wall of cabinetry. The mattress is surprisingly comfortable.

Resource often customizes its fold-down systems to show a wide range of aesthetics. Here, the back of the Atoll 202 bookshelf is finished in wallpaper, while the fold-down bed is covered in textured linen on the exterior, and more wallpaper on the interior.

The ottoman in front of the sofa portion of the Atoll fits under the bed frame when folded down...

...Like so! Voila: a queen-size bed.

Resource has more than modern Murphy beds, too: We especially like the Lapis dining chairs designed by Cavi and Brambilla.


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