Multicolor Side Tables by Dinosaur Designs

Multicolor Side Tables by Dinosaur Designs

By Caia Hagel
Fresh this September from the Sydney-based Dinosaur Designs studio famous for its sensuous resin jewels, are the first furniture pieces, a set of two lines of charismatic side tables.

The many legged deep-sea inspired Liquid Moon, and the graphic lily-pad inspired Collage were born of experiments with one-of larger object projects, and a desire by the design duo, Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy, to manifest their love for well-designed, memorable furniture. 

Liquid Moon, designed by Louise Olsen: "I had been working on a collection inspired by the ocean and was looking at sea creatures such as jelly fish and sea urchins. I wanted the tables to have that delicate yet fluid form. They were born out of the underwater world".

"We were inspired by the yearning to create a new form of beauty for the home," says Olsen. "Having worked with resin for so many years we felt it a natural progression to move to large-scale pieces. We recently created huge platters for the Gallery of Modern Art in Queensland, Australia, which provided us with the platform to progress to furniture. The opportunity to work with home objects is so exciting."

Collage, designed by Stephen Ormandy: "The design was influenced by the floating nature of lily pads and the opportunity to combine individual sculptural shapes into a cohesive useful object".


"We’ve dressed people’s bodies and now we are making our foray into dressing interiors with larger statement pieces. We’ve treated the side tables like huge pieces of jewelry for the house."

In line with the studio’s signature pop colors and organic silhouettes, these tables offer personal spaces the flare for drama that provenance from the smithy of bejeweling self-décor promises. Liquid Moon is an endearing otherworldly creature; Collage is a warm echo of an afternoon in a Japanese garden. Magical and somehow anthropomorphic, the Dinosaur Designs side tables bring special energy to a room.

"These side tables truly are one of a kind pieces, each one is unique. They are all hand-made from beginning to end, which forms the DNA of each design."

In a nod to their symbiosis with art, the couple likens their work with table creation to that of the painter’s palette. "Resin is like working with paint, each color is mixed and poured by hand then hand sanded. The side tables are like functional works of art," says Olsen.


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