Modular Shelving by Objects

Modular Shelving by Objects

By Diana Budds
Barcelona architect Carme Pinós just released a new furniture line called Objects, which includes shelving, wardrobes, and tables. "Our concept is to create a set of affordable, high quality products that are versatile, easy to assemble and can be customized by the user into unique designs," states the company's release.

The Moni shelves can be installed in a variety of rooms, here as a perch for kitchenware. Individual units range from 29.75€ to 33.75€.

Our favorites are the modular Moni and Moni-K shelves, two-milimeter-thick steel plates folded at right angles. As individual units they're basic, but the beauty of these wall-mounted pieces lies in the myriad ways a battery of them can be arranged—stack and display in complex patterns, or simply juxtapose in a series. At press time, the shelves were only available at Objects's Barcelona showroom or in Europe by post. Here's hoping these hop the pond.

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The Moni-K wall shelves (110€ per unit) by Objects.


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