7 Top Rug Makers Whose Designs We’re Dying to Bring Home

7 Top Rug Makers Whose Designs We’re Dying to Bring Home

By Samantha Ramirez
These designs make us want to cut a rug.

Every once in a while, you see a rug that is the rug—the rug that not only ties the room together, but amplifies what the room was trying to say in the first place. The brands and retailers below have been making waves in textile design, and for good reason—check out our favorite rug makers below, and the high-brow designs that we’re currently coveting. 

Ben Soleimani

Soleimani's designs use unique and innovative weaves and textures to transform textiles.

Ben Soleimani comes from a family with generations’ worth experience designing textiles, and has own CV, which includes Mansour, Mansour Modern, and Restoration Hardware, is vastly impressive. His personal brand stands for making luxury rugs accessible to everyone.

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Ben Soleimani Heathered Grey Iona Rug
Large sketched diamonds lend this rug a bold, expressionistic appeal. hand-knotted from pure New Zealand wool by master artisans, the Iona pairs a sumptuous feel with durable performance. The wool's natural shading creates endless variations in color.
Ben Soleimani Performance Arte Rug
Next-level artistry. Inspired by an abstract painting, our rug is hand-knotted by master artisans from silky yarns on a rich matte background. Soft and sophisticated, the look is almost indistinguishable from wool, yet the high-performance pile resists stains, spills and moisture.
Ben Soleimani Alterno Rug
Expertly hand-woven by master artisans from soft, luscious wool, the Alterno is artfully distressed to adopt the look of a treasured heirloom. The beautifully textured yarn adds depth and dimension, along with a luxurious feeling underfoot.

Coda fabric by Kvadrat with new coloring by Anderssen & Voll (2013)

Kvadarat have been leading innovators in textile design since the birth of their brand in 1968. Their handmade designs play with bold colors and classic details in a cool, contemporary way.

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Kvadarat Fringe Rug
Kvadrat’s Fringe wool rug was named after its most prominent feature, the long fringes that run along its sides.
Kvadarat Bold Rug
Bold, designed by Hella Jongerius for Kvadrat, is a warm wool rug full of character. Since Bold rug is woven of both machine and hand-spun threads, it has an irregular and bulky texture that translates into a tactile surface – the most important feature of rugs, according to Jongerius.
Kvadarat Duotone Rug
Duotone, designed by Hella Jongerius for Kvadrat, is a collection of beautiful basket-weave wool rugs that are woven by skilled artisans in India. As the name Duotone suggests, their charm lies in the chequered appearance that is the result of using different-coloured warp and weft yarns.

SPN Carpets, which is on the outskirts of Delhi, is the company that Nanimarquina tasks to manufacture their Boontje-designed rug, Little Field of Flowers. Here, a technician holds up a flower before it’s tucked into the loom.

Nanimarquina’s textile designs have been well-known and revered for their innovative creative processes and patterns. The design label was founded in 1978, and remains a family-owned company to this day.

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Nanimarquina Little Field of Flowers Rug
You're lying in a meadow, surrounded by soft grasses and flowers. It's quiet, warm; you're at peace. That's exactly what it's like to lie on the Nanimarquina Little Field of Flowers Rug.
Nanimarquina Losanges Rug
A floor covering that's remarkably rhomboid. The Nanimarquina Losanges Rug is a visually (and technically) complex piece designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. Within the generally rhomboid borders are numerous diamond-shaped sections--in a seemingly random mix of sizes and colors.
Nanimarquina Rabari 1 Rug
Featuring a unique graphic sensuality, the Rabari 1 Rug from Nanimarquina offers exceptional beauty and outstanding design. Texturally and visually diverse, this rug employs an exciting variety of different color and patterns against a white backdrop.

Helsinki’s contemporary designs emphasize form and material.

Style and substance are both present in Sera Helsinki’s eponymous brand. Helsinki aims to empower communities by providing career opportunities to single mothers and people with disabilities in Ethiopia. The brand marries its story with its design by making Finnish-inspired rugs with Ethiopian techniques.

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Sera Helsinki Luoto Rug
Luoto rug is a part of the Saaristo collection designed by Anna Pirkola. Saaristo was inspired by the sea – ever-moving, ever-changing, yet always calming and comforting.
Sera Helsinki Palsta Rug
Palsta rug is a part of the Saaristo collection designed by Anna Pirkola. Saaristo was inspired by the sea – ever-moving, ever-changing, yet always calming and comforting.
Sera Helsinki Laine Rug
Laine rug is a part of the Saaristo collection designed by Anna Pirkola. Saaristo was inspired by the sea – ever-moving, ever-changing, yet always calming and comforting.

Eclectic colors and patterns pop in Moooi's designs.

Moooi is known for letting designers take the wheel. Says creative director Marcel Wanders, "We don't tell designers what to do, we listen to what designers want to make." The result is a bold and daring mix of eclectic and playful designs.

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Moooi Freaky Rug
Bringing an aesthetic that combines an optical illusion and a highlighter doodle in the margin of a paper, the Freaky Rug from Moooi Carpets is sure to delight. Its vivid neon colors are tempered by the geometric cross-hatch pattern and the more organic shape of the rug itself.
Moooi Bearded Leopard 1 & 2 Rug
The cryptic and mysterious nature of the Bearded Leopards is incorporated within this pattern.


Bright pops of colored materials that are tufted and quilted are unique to GAN.

Born in the late ’80s, GAN was founded by José Gandia-Blasco, who thought the textile industry of the time was too stagnant and was in need of fresh, contemporary designs. The brand gained major success in the late ’90s and has been a major name in textile design since.

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GAN Varese Rug
The Gan Rugs Varese Rug is a beautifully modern take on traditional rag rugs. It has a plaited effect created by hand looming a wool yarn that is tie-dyed in shades of red, purple, green and cream.
GAN Hexa Hexagonal Rug
This is one rug with mathematically proven good looks. In addition to its overall hexagonal shape, the Gan Rugs Hexa Hexagonal Rug has a pattern based entirely on sharp angles, some of them filled in with an array of different colors.
GAN Mangas Original Largas Rug
An area rug that is as soft and colorful as your favorite sweater. In fact, Patricia Urquiola was directly inspired by hand-knitted sweaters in her design of the Mangas Original collection.

Missoni Home's textiles are well-known for their unique pattern and color combinations.

Missoni Home has created an identity for themselves in textile design with their recognizable patterns and color combinations. The Italian brand has almost a century's worth of recognition for bringing one-of-a-kind design to textiles.

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Missoni Home Porto Rug
Bring iconic design to your interior with the Porto rug from Missoni Home. Made from 100% wool, this extravagant rug is wonderfully soft underfoot. Bold, multicoloured stripes adorn the rug and this colourway is perfect to complement a room with neutral shades.
Missoni Home Poum Rug
Make a striking addition to your interior with the Poum rug from Missoni Home. Featuring the iconic Missoni chevron design, this rug has been crafted from a wool, cotton and viscose blend.

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