25 Chic Pots and Planters to Instantly Upgrade Your Greenery

25 Chic Pots and Planters to Instantly Upgrade Your Greenery

Refresh your indoor garden with these sculptural planters, pots, and stands.

Characterized by clean lines and modern silhouettes, these stylish planters will give the entire room a boost.

Hip Haven Bullet Planter
Originally manufactured by several companies in the 1950s, the Bullet Planter (2011) was never trademarked, and its designer never identified. One version of the story attributes its creation to a resourceful man who worked for a company that produced satellite dishes.
Eva Solo Self-Watering Hanging Pot
The Eva Solo Nordic self-watering hanging flower pots is made from matte stoneware with a leather cord for hanging. The organic design features a self-watering system that provides optimum growing conditions for herbs and flowers.
Ferm Living Bau Pot
Inspired by the uncluttered lines and industrial surfaces of Bauhaus architecture, the Bau Pot (2018) adds a sculptural modern twist to your porch or patio. This elevated pot brings attention to your beautiful blooms, and its corrugated steel construction makes it suitable for outdoor use.
Light + Ladder Cova Footed Planter
Grow for it. Whether you're new to indoor plants or an old hand, this guide will walk you through some tried-and-true tips to keep your leafy pals happy.
Afteroom Story Planter
Fascinated by how spaces transform over time, Hung-Ming Chen and Chen-Yen Wei invented the word Afteroom to name their Stockholm studio. “We simply want to create things people won’t get rid of,” says Chen-Yen.
The Citizenry Paseo Tabletop Planter
Modern, yet classic. A sculptural planter handcrafted in Guadalajara, Mexico.   A clean, minimal planter brought to life by a unique blend of clay that has a textured, almost marbled, effect up close. Glazed on the inside, you can style with or without soil and water.
Greenery Unlimited x Light + Ladder Fondra Self-Watering Pot
Introducing the world’s first procedurally generated self-watering planter: Fondra, a collaboration between Light+Ladder and Greenery Unlimited. This graceful vessel is equal parts form and function and offers the optimal environment for plants to grow.
Umbra Ora Illuminated Planter
Watch your greenery bloom with this modern planter featuring a built-in grow light by Umbra.
NewMade LA Triangle Wall Planter
A minimalist, triangular wire planter lets you showcase a small pot of greenery with midcentury-inspired flair.
Serralunga Cup Planter
Naoto Fukasawa’s approach to design is based on careful observation of people’s actions and feelings, which enables him to create products that fit into people’s lives so naturally that they’re “Without Thought,” a concept he teaches at two universities and to clients worldwide.
Convivial Minimal Stoneware Planters
For your leafy friends. We’ve got a feeling these lovely planters will get along famously with your windowsill.
Iittala Nappula Planter
Connecting with nature enhances wellbeing and having plants and flowers at home has multiple benefits. Iittala’s Nappula Plant Pots are meant to inspire planting, gardening and taking care of our green family members. The pots have a strong design character and look pleasing even when not in use.
Areaware Stacking Planter - Short
The Stacking Planter discretely integrates both a planter and saucer into one form. Lift out the bottom ring to reveal a hidden saucer. The circular stoneware form takes its inspiration from high voltage ceramic insulators found on power lines.
Fire Road Base Planter
Created by a small design firm in San Francisco, the Base Planter (2017) consists of a slip-cast ceramic planter that conforms to a handmade walnut stand, presenting a fluid and interesting mix of materials to help elevate any space. This planter does not have drainage holes.
Ferm Living Hexagon Pot
The Ferm Living Hexagon Pot is a modern take on the wide world of planters. Perfect for starting your own little indoor garden, or use for storage for keys, jewelry or change at the end of the day.
Rejuvenation Brice Ceramic Planter
The ceramic Brice Planter offers an elegant option for displaying your favorite plants.
Menu Wire Planter
Mix and match Wire Planter (2015) heights and contents to create an arrangement that's unique to you. All sizes include a removable plug for drainage, making them suitable for use indoors and out.
Braid & Wood Plant Hanger
Hang time. Things are looking up for your plants—literally, since this hanger’s about to take ‘em to new heights. It’s made with brass-plated stainless-steel rings, along with a wooden base that’s been sealed with a clear, matte, water-resistant finish.
Pieces Tetris Planter
Use this playfully shaped, colorful planter to add even more character to your floral arrangements. Crafted from hand-glazed fiberglass for excellent durability, it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use (drainage holes should be drilled in the base for outdoor use).
SIN Reservoir Tabletop Planter
Turning the tables. The Reservoir tabletop planter is inspired by the irrigation systems of the Bronze Age. But if you ask us? It reminds us of bringing home a fresh bouquet from the farmers’ market.
Ferm Living Plant Box
The Ferm Living Standing Plant Box has an elegant and timeless aesthetic that is fit for both modern and traditional interiors. Slender and sleek, the powder coated metal boasts appealing colors that will add a splash of eye catching hue anywhere.
Most Modest Tess Planter
The modular Tess Planter (2019) can be used alone or grouped in multiples to create arrangements small and large. Includes plastic drip tray and rubber drain plug for easy maintenance. Suitable for use indoors and out.
Loll Designs Mondo Planter
With no liner needed, Mondo Collection planters are made of durable, recyclable plastic derived from discarded milk jugs.
Flyte Lyfe Planter
A planter that creates the effect of zero-gravity - through a powerful magnet pushing against an electromagnetic base.  ...
Monstruosus Planter With Stand
The Monstruosus Planter with Stand (2019) consists of the Monstruosus Model One Planter set atop a minimal stand with slender posts. The planter sits in a discreet tray located within the nexus of the stand’s cross-bracing. Can be used indoors and out. Available in two heights.

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