Top 5 Homes of the Week With Wondrous Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Top 5 Homes of the Week With Wondrous Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

By Samantha Daly
These airy abodes utilize immense windows to usher the outdoors in. Take a peek at our editor's favorite picks from the Dwell community that feature homes with sweeping views.

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1. La Charbonnière

Architect: Alain Carle Architecte, Location: Quebec, Canada

From the architect: "[The house] was designed around this problem of 'fitting' into the landscape, a consideration that is both formal and cultural. The exterior volumetry is abstract and intriguing. It emerges from the soil, like a sculptural object, facing the river’s monumentality. The scale is ambiguous, in the image of the surrounding landscape. The charred cedar walls, produced by the 'shou-sugi-ban' technique, are free of windows on the side facing the road and contribute to the strangeness of this form, which divides the landscape without imposing itself."

2. Woodland House

Architect: Max Holst, Location: Ingarö, Sweden

From the interior designer: "This 'modern nature' house took form based on the mountain and the pine woods surrounding it. Away from the white, impressive, and often boring new-builds, I've been...trying to create an effortless type of living that harmonizes with the surroundings and magical views over [the] swamp beneath the foot of the mountain."

3. Black Box II

Architect: Natalie Dionne Architecture, Location: Quebec, Canada

From the project uploader: "In renovating the original, nondescript, prototypical structure, Dionne opened up the living spaces using three-panel NanaWall folding-glass walls set into the addition. When opened, the walls seamlessly connect the outdoor and indoor spaces, creating both visual and physical expansiveness. When closed, the large panels with narrow stiles facilitate the unobstructed views that bathe the blonde wood and porcelain surfaces in natural light." 

4. Meg Home

Architect: Olson Kundig, Location: Seattle, Washington

From the architect: "An expansive curve and a massive retractable window wall define the form of this 6,050-square-foot contemporary urban residence. Perched on Queen Anne hill overlooking downtown Seattle and Puget Sound, Meg Home takes full advantage of its steeply sloped site with 180-degree views of the urban landscape below. Much like the outgoing yet reserved owners, this home balances transparency with a sheltering sense of refuge. On the main level, the arch traces a line of clerestory windows before terminating in the open-plan living and dining area at a massive, two-story "guillotine" window wall. Here, a hand-cranked wheel and three large counterweights physically open the home’s entire south façade to expansive city views and an exterior cantilevered deck."

5. House M

Architect and interior designer: Architekten Wannenmacher + Möller, Location: Bielefeld, Germany

From the architect: "Although the house includes formal references to regional traditions, the character of its interior is consistently modern. The open layout allows the rooms to flow into one another. The complete glazing of the side of the building shell that faces the garden allows the inside to melt into the outside. Reduction to only a few materials and colors—Italian sandstone for the floor, white plaster for walls and ceilings, oiled oak for the benches, and glass and grey aluminum for the windows—gives the rooms a soothing calmness. With the support of a minimum of furnishings, the architecture develops an ascetic austerity."

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