Top 5 Homes of the Week With Revved-Up Garages

Top 5 Homes of the Week With Revved-Up Garages

By Samantha Daly
Attention automotive enthusiasts: these finely tuned garages from the Dwell community caught our editor’s eye this week.

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1. Edgecliff Residence

The Edgecliff Residence by Miró Rivera Architects is divided into three levels, with the guest quarters at ground level, living spaces on the second floor, and the master suite at the highest level.

Architect: Miró Rivera Architects, Location: Austin, Texas

From the architect: "Taking advantage of its unique site in Austin’s eclectic Travis Heights neighborhood on the southern shores of Lady Bird Lake, the Edgecliff Residence is a play on contrasts: light and shadow, open and closed, organic and orthogonal. Designed for a couple of empty nesters on a modest budget, the home’s contemporary aesthetic is balanced by the desire to respect the scale of the existing neighborhood."

2. Portage Bay Residence

The Portage Bay Residence is a streamlined home that enjoys lake views and total privacy. The garage melds into the industrial, flat exterior, which resembles maritime sheds found throughout the area.

Architect: Heliotrope Architects, Location: Seattle, Washington

From the architect: "Tucked into a small city lot along the water’s edge, the house was designed to live like a studio loft for a bachelor who values privacy, a central location to reside in the city, and a convenient spot to park the float plane. Water-side, the house becomes more transparent, with views over the houseboats of Portage Bay, the University of Washington, and the Cascade Mountains. Living, cooking, and sleeping all occur in one volume distributed over two floors sized and shaped to envelop the occupant in a protective refuge."

3. Cove Site Works

The bronze polycarbonate cladding at the rear of the garage of Cove Site Works carries around at the clerestory level.

Architect: Works Office, Location: Water Mill, New York

From the architect: "The objective with this property, a 60,000-square-foot area of land next to a bay in Long Island, was to provide for a new garage and a new pergola at the existing tennis court, and to unify the property with a singular effort using the landscape. Designed in conjunction with landscape designer Joel Loblaw, Inc., the approach lies along the home’s western edge, allowing one to travel a portion of its perimeter prior to making the slight descent to the garage. The materials and form of the garage draw from the materials and form of the original house, while making for a clean and crisp contrast. The interior features exposed, milled cypress framing, and the east wall and clerestory are composed of cellular polycarbonate."

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The overhang of House BN provides shelter for the homeowner’s automobile. The contemporary villa’s entrance corridor faces toward the nearby Monte Grappa mountain.

Architect: Didonè Comacchio Architects, Location: Cassola, Italy

From the architect: "This contemporary villa located in the Venetian countryside is divided into three main blocks—a living area, a sleeping area, and an ancillary area—divided by corridors that frame views of the surrounding landscape. The three volumes are linked by a large, flat roof. A parallelepiped emerges from the roof, highlighting the double height of the living room and enhancing its importance as center of the house. Two large openings fill the space with shifting natural light all day long."

5. Wave House

"The adjacent detached garage continues the home’s sculptural language with a curving roofline and high windows," says architect Olson Kundig. Inside, vaulted ceilings further echo the bright and airy interior of the home’s main living space. The garage provides an open workspace that supports the owner’s passion for restoring classic cars, as well as weather-protected storage. Just outside, a defined entry and forecourt create a multipurpose, functional space for both parking and play.

Architect: Olson Kundig, Location: Mercer Island, Washington

From the architect: "This single-family home for a couple with young children provides an open, flexible living space that supports family life, as well as an adjacent workshop and garage for the owner’s avid interest in car restoration. Gently curved roof forms are inspired by the topography of the site and Lake Washington’s undulating shoreline, creating a sculptural grouping of buildings on the site. A light approach to the landscape preserves the site’s existing trees, including a Japanese maple that frames the front entry."

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