Gaze Upon Stuttgart From This Monolithic Hillside Home Asking $7M

Concrete and glass harmonize to form this brutalist house overlooking the German city.

Property Details:

Location: Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, 70197 Germany

Price: €6,950,000 ($7,103,143)

Year built: 2014

Footprint: 20,236 square feet (four bedrooms, two baths)

From the agent: "The vision of a home that harmoniously combines innovation, technology and respect for the environment—a perfect fit for those seeking comfort, architectural quality, and minimalist style. Quietly situated and surrounded by greenery, the unique domicile is enthroned in a privileged location and offers you a unique view of the Stuttgart skyline. The entire property boasts style, spaciousness, and the perfect combination of practicality and elegance."

"Built in 2014, the property offers a contemporary and refined design, built with the use of the latest technologies," writes listing agent Kevin Merz.

According to the listing, the three-level home, named House H36, was "built without joints and without additional layers of insulation, using single-shell insulating concrete, interrupted by large glass surfaces."

The house, built in 2014, stands in stark contrast to the historic buildings lining the streets below. 

From the driveway, visitors get a glimpse of the view that the house, with its massive windows facing the city center, promises to provide upon entry.

As the sun begins to set over Stuttgart, the home’s interior takes on a beautiful honeyed hue.

Panes of glass coincide with concrete at oblique angles, reflecting the trees that surround the house.

"The villa is rounded off by its spacious park-like garden with several terraces on different levels," reads the listing.

"Situated above the Stuttgart valley basin, in a prime semi-hilly location, the villa captivates with its sculptural, monolithic form," explains the listing agent. "From the Stuttgart valley side, the property looks like a huge worked rock."

House H36 in Stuttgart, Germany is currently listed for $7,091,837 by Kevin Merz of Sotheby’s International Realty.


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