Moddest Music Video of 2011
Beyoncé - #vid=698826">Countdown - Music - More Music Videos

Sure you may have noticed the clutch of Eames shell chairs hanging out in the background of B's video for the bubbling brassy Countdown. Maybe you even caught the aluminum Emeco Navy chair keeping the shells company, but taken as a whole this retro-inspired video hits all the mod notes. How about those color-shifting panes of the warehouse windows? The monochrome palette (B's black and white hat) that explodes with vibrant hues (the seizure-inducing bodysuits)? The frames within frames that recall Saul Bass if he'd brought all the verve and invention in Grand Prix to recutting the opening titles to Pillow Talk? And of course your requisite Louboutins (one of the few contemporary aesthetic nods) providing their not-so-subtle splash of red when the rest of the costume is black. Nicki Minaj and her festival of bubblegum pink could take a lesson. Not that I'm down on Super Bass. Love that jam.


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