A Mostly Wood Home in Japan Lets One Family Lead a Simple, Sustainable Life

Nori Architects tests an earth-friendly vision for urban housing with a stripped-back design that the residents can modify and repair themselves.

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Project Details:

Location: Aichi, Japan

Architect: Nori Architects / @nori_architects

Builder: TOKORO

Structural Engineer: Seiji Okawa

Textile Designer: Yuki Tsutsumi

Equipment Advisor: Kozo Takase

Lighting Advisor: CHIPS LLC.

Photographer: Jumpei Suzuki / @jumpeisudzuki

From the Architect: "This house for a young couple and their two children on a long, narrow site in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, is a proposal for a new prototype of urban housing in an age of global environmental crisis. The home is a compact box divided into three levels with a large window on the southeast wall of the living room that connects to the urban void. The covered terrace along the street-side of the dining room and kitchen has a mesh front and translucent walls on the sides to allow full access to the changing light and wind while maintaining a moderate sense of distance from the city.

"The exterior skin and mechanical equipment were designed for year-round comfort and energy-efficiency. We devised ways to ensure a high performance with a limited budget, using a combination of reduced materials and low-priced equipment. We created a warm, wood-filled space by eliminating interior finishes, using exterior insulation, and exposing the wood structure, base, piping, and wiring. This allows the residents to understand the structure of the building and to make repairs and modifications on their own."


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