Michigan or Bust
By Dwell and

Amanda claims that she'll be outside my apartment at 4:30 AM on Wednesday to pick me up for our flight to Grand Rapids, and I'm hoping that I'm in fine enough fettle for the filming the next day. I'm quite excited to see the Herman Miller facilities and archives and talk color with Susan Lyons, who specializes in the stuff.

I'm also quite curious to see the turn-of-the-century Marigold Lodge just on Lake Macatawa that Herman Miller runs for their out-of-town guests.

After that I'll be headed north to Midland, Michigan, to visit the Alden B. Dow Foundation and home. It looks pretty groovy and I'm quite excited to see it in person. I'll be reporting from the road, of course, but if any of you out there have suggestions on what to see or do in Holland, Zeeland, Grand Rapids, or  Midland, don't keep quiet.

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