Mayberry Meets Modernism

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By Jamie Waugh
The aesthetic of mid-19th century retail establishments still holds relevance. The aged woods, from sagging stair treads to well-worn tables; broken oyster tile floors; wire baskets used for who-knows-what; and institutional desks and chalkboards and chrome fixtures have us fixated, from those of us who are modernists to those who prefer the aged and charmed. Enter Moon River Chattel.

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The store is a repository for the abandoned, the reborn and the salvaged as well as some new pieces that fit into the candy counter-chic aesthetic. The proprietors buy the new pieces internationally; they focus on the hand-made and the environmentally sustainable with a proclivity toward that which somehow revitalizes local economies. Across the street from the store is the annex where aging institutional tables and chairs and claw-foot tubs and counters are given new spirit, and together, the two spaces are odes to the way monochromatic, heavy-duty antiques that are well-made fit into—and fit with—pieces of modern minimalism.

Image courtesy of alicesoup

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