Matali Crasset
By Dwell and
Design intervention:
I was studying marketing at university. We were launching a perfume, and I came back in the evening and tried to draw the bottle and packaging. I didn’t succeed. I was so conscious that the object had to be clear, and from one day to the next I discovered that design was really what I want to do.Lessons learned:Marketing has a specific type of language and methodology. I understand that, which is a huge help when working with big companies. On the go:The main part of working is thinking. You take all the constraints and forget about them for a little bit, and then something emerges from yourself, your values, and what you really believe in. I can do that wherever I am.Semantic significance:I never talk about “clients”; I’m working with partners. My partner asks me to push my limits, and I appreciate that. A fabled affair:I want to produce a small comedy—–a kind of fairy tale—–for kids, because mine are growing too fast. It’s my little dream.Connectivity: More and more I’m working on interiors—–not just individual pieces—–because they give me the opportunity to create a link between the furniture and its environment. I’m interested in objects and space because together they affect the way we live. Life is really my engine. The great unknown:I like to do things that I’ve never done before, and I enjoy taking on speculative projects. It’s a very interesting time to be a designer; I feel like we can help to develop a new logic and ways of thinking, beyond making only material objects.
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