Marc Tetro

We received a multitude of letters here at the office asking us who was behind the playful paintings of bears in the Worple family’s living room and kitchen. The answer: acclaimed Canadian artist Marc Tetro.

Born in a small town in Manitoba, Tetro studied art at LaSalle College in Montreal, Quebec and began his career designing for the humble medium of t-shirts. Within four years, Tetro was creating commissioned pieces for the World Philharmonic Orchestra and the World Wildlife Fund, among others. His inspiration comes from the country he calls home and his paintings and children’s books depict its people and animals, from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Inuit children to Canada Geese, black beers, and moose.

For more of Tetro’s art, visit and for other furniture, fixtures, or finishings you see in the magazine, refer to the Sourcing page at the end of each issue.

Photography by Raimund Koch

Also online: Slideshow: Floating House, Lake Huron

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