Making Room for Baby 
(And You)

Making Room for Baby (And You)

By Resource Furniture
One of the biggest concerns expecting parents face is having enough space!

When faced with an already limited amount of square footage, this step can be challenging. However with a bit of expertise, planning and creativity, even the tiniest spaces can transform to accommodate the needs of a growing family. Putting multiple children in one room or creating multifunctional living and sleeping spaces are two methods these families have used to solve their limited space challenges.

David & Jacqueline: Edit, edit, edit! 

 If you’re a fan of LifeEdited or Dwell magazine, you may be familiar with David and Jacqueline, a Brooklyn couple with one son and expecting their second child. They faced a challenge that many young urban families face – they were expanding but their space was not.In a two bedroom apartment that needed a lot of work, the family made smart renovation choices by getting rid of unnecessary items and choosing furniture that performs in multiple ways. In the kids’ room, for instance, they incorporated a Kali Duo bunk bed system that folds up into the wall when the beds are not in use, creating an open play room during the day. 

Finn loves his Kali Duo!

Alison & Trevor: Think Outside the Box 

 In Vancouver, Alison and Trevor of 600SquareFeetandaBaby, had been living in a great little apartment with lofted ceilings and big windows in the heart of a vibrant neighborhood. When their son arrived, they were faced with the decision to move or make their existing space work for them. With a bit of smart thinking, they took the plunge and installed a Penelope queen wall bed in their living room so their baby son could get the bedroom. The bed folds away out of sight so there is plenty of space for everyday activities – including entertaining. 

Theo helps his mom put the Penelope up in the morning!

Jake & Kelly: No Such Thing as Too Much Storage 

Jake and Kelly are expecting their second child and just moved into a two bedroom apartment. While on the hunt for a new home, the couple planned on incorporating transforming furniture to maximize their square footage – creating work and living spaces that could only exist with the help of multifunctional furniture. For now, their older daughter sleeps in an LGS wall bed system that can be put away during the day to create a larger play area. 

Their biggest tip? "Storage, storage, storage." Cabinetry and shelving hide the clutter that accumulates with a growing family. With closet systems, shelving and cabinets, as well as innovations like the Giralot in kitchens and bathrooms, ample space can be created for every member of the family – in every room. 

The playful Giralot features storage modules that rotate open.

Lainie & Scott: Look Toward the Future 

Be sure to consider how the space will be used a few years down the road. Lainie was expecting her second child when she and her husband purchased a sofa wall bed system several years ago. When their daughter was still sleeping in her crib, the Altea Sofa wall bed allowed the space to act as a living room as well as a guest bedroom. Several years down the road, it became an everyday big girl bed for their daughter. Lainie writes about motherhood in New York City on her blog


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