Magic Carpet Ride, Courtesy of Swedish Brand Oyyo


Never Ending Story, which comes in two sizes, is heavily reminiscent of Bauhaus instructor Gunta Stölzl's decorative weavings.

Oyyo is planning to release one or two new, limited-edition products per year—not just rugs, but furniture and accessories. Finally, a note on dhurrie upkeep: The flat weave of the rugs makes them colorfast, and the studio says they can be washed (with care!)


Here is Bastian, another flat-weave dhurrie colored with vegetable dyes, that comes in two standard sizes (roughly five-by-eight and eight-by-ten).


The rugs will be available in Oyyo's online store this May 2013, and orders can be placed in advance by contacting


Brick Pastel (left) comes in four sizes, and it should be noted that custom color orders are possible but take an additional two to five months. (It's a rug! Think of it as the long-term mutual fund of home decor.) Noto, at right, is perhaps the most versatile of the bunch: It comes in five sizes and its color scheme and triangulated geometrics would look at home almost anywhere.

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