Luxury Hotel Cosmetics

Luxury Hotel Cosmetics

The Moooi brand has always been about bringing additional beauty to our lives by decorating our homes, offices and hotel rooms with iconic and innovative pieces of furniture and lighting. Moooi has now decided to take the next step by extending this gift to our daily routine, creating a line of sumptuous beauty products for luxury hotels.
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The shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion bottles come in the shape of Moooi’s extra O, which symbolizes an extra value in terms of beauty & uniqueness (‘Mooi is a Dutch word for beautiful – the third ‘o’ is Moooi’s extra value in terms of beauty & uniqueness). Unique and playful is also the bottles’ design, which is purposely upside down and therefore ready for immediate use... so what are you waiting for? Indulge yourself by starting your day with an extra touch of beauty!

…Imagine checking in a beautiful hotel room after a day in an unfamiliar city, spent between people, chaos and noise…After closing the door of your luxurious hotel room you are finally in peace, far away from home… While you perform your daily beauty routine the scent of the shower gel is so familiar, so recognizable…It reminds you of the coziness of snuggling on the sofa with your favourite blanket, the precious smile of your loved ones, and the scent of your house on a sunny day… It feels like a warm embrace….and layer after layer you find your way home…

By respecting the principals of alchemy and alchemical transformation, Moooi seeks to concentrate the essence of "feeling at home" into a scent, transforming a line of beauty products into vessels of intimate emotions and powerful talismans against the unknown. In a world that moves a hundred miles an hour it’s essential to remember who we are and where we belong. Even in the most remote and exotic hotels it is only natural for us to search for the welcoming, familiar warmth of our environment. To make our wish come true, for the first time Moooi has distillated its very own scent. Starting with a light top note of bergamot, cardamom and nutmeg lead over to a warm, aromatic-woody heart of lavender and cedarwood and are perfectly complemented by a deep, elegant base note of patchouli, tobacco and musk; which playfully tickles our senses and makes us feel completely at home, beautifully alive, vibrant and ready to conquer a new day.

During the production of its beauty products Moooi supports an environmentally friendly policy.

This is Moooi’s ultimate way of embracing us, by awakening our positive energy and bringing an extra touch of beauty and comfort to our lives.


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