Living Walls

By Laure Joliet / Published by Dwell
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A tiny bit like the Renzo Piano-designed Pompidou Centre that wears its insides on its outside (pipes, ducts, all the 'ugly' stuff), this office building wears a garden.

Great for a humid place (Florida? The bathroom?) this building in Sao Paolo built by Triptyque, a French/Brazilian firm, has plants growing right out of pores on its 'skin'. It also displays the pumps and irrigation system that run the misters (and also recycles rain water) on the exterior of the structure.

"The walls are thick and covered externally by a vegetal layer that works like the skin of the structure. This dense wall is made of an organic concrete that has pores, where several plant species grow".

It will be interesting to see how the plants do after a couple of years growing horizontally. With all the Living Walls going up all over modern structures, this planting isn't a surprise but it would be great to see something like this using plants that don't need to be misted, either by the choice of plant, or the choice of location. And what could work in California?

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Laure Joliet


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