Live from London: Everyday Objects

Live from London: Everyday Objects

By Charlotte West
You can have your pick of a wide assortment of couches, chairs and tables at the 100% Design trade fair at Earl's Court in London, but some of the objects that made the biggest impression were the smallest in size.

Daniel To and Emma Aiston launched their Solids collection, a range of office items including a stationery container, a pencil box, a desklight, a flash light, a rubberband ball, a thermometer, a wall hook and a wall clock (below). Solids is a charming set of geometric objects, which To and Aiston say reflect their desire to show that " not everything has to be flashy or over the top". In a similar vein, ANYTHING, a collaboration between UK designer Michael Sodeau and Japanese company Suikosha, is another range of stationery products we came across at 100% Design. The items in the collection are made out of stainless steel and wood to reflect the craft-based tradition of Japanese production. The scissors (first image) in the collection were also picked up by British designer Jasper Morrison, who has them for sale at his Shoreditch studio and shop. Morrison has curated an unassuming show, Jugs, Jars & Pitchers – in other words, an assortment of pouring vessels – with the intention of exploring "the essential nature of a time-honored aspect of daily life." Morrison has a repututation for being one of the more humble and down-to-earth designers among the big names in London, and the show is no expection. Products like the Solids and ANYTHING collection, as well as Morrison's own work, show that good design doesn't need to be over the top. Far from it.

Scissors by ANYTHING Design.

An alarm clock, designed by Michael Sodeau and Japanese company Suikosha.


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