Live from London: Benjamin Hubert

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By Charlotte West / Published by Dwell
Benjamin Hubert has been busy since graduating with an industrial design degree from Loughborough University in 2006. At 100% Design last week, he launched a A year in the making, a collection of several products for no less than seven British and international brands.
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Hubert doesn't limit himself in either his choice of material or his final products. Exploring the applications of materials such as concrete, cork, wood, clay, glass, ceramics, and plastic, A year in the making includes chairs, stools, a table, a coat rack and a range of lighting for various manufacturers. Notable pieces include the concrete "Heavy Desk Light" for Decode London and the "Float" cork lights for Unique Copenhagen. Hubert's "Labware"collection for Authentics, consisting of three blown-glass lamps inspired by traditional laboratory beakers, also won the won the Best New Product award at 100% Design last week. In this short video, he explains his interest in materials as well as why he became a designer:

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