Lisa Roberts on Game-Changing Product Designs

In her new book, DesignPOP (Rizzoli), designer and collector Lisa Roberts explores the objects that have changed contemporary product design. Here, she shares the thought process behind her book.
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DesignPOP follows Roberts's first book, Antiques of the Future.

What spurred you to create this book?


My first book Antiques of the Future was popular for its humor and accessibility. I captured an audience outside the design world that loved learning about design, so I wanted to continue the conversation. DesignPOP delves deeper into the industry, looking at ‘game-changing’ product design over the past 15 years.



Please share your process of researching subjects—how did you decide which projects to include?


I discover designs by going to museum exhibitions, trade shows, designers’ studios and shopping in design stores. My museum involvement gives me access to curators who are a wealth of knowledge. When organizing the book, I looked at themes or trends in the industry such as using new materials and production processes, sustainability and socially responsible design. I researched many products for each category, and selected those I considered game-changers .



 What inspires you? 


I am visually turned on by strong color, graphic designs, and unusual forms. I am drawn to inventive uses of materials and new technologies for manufacturing. And I am inspired by the narratives of how and why designers create their work.



Lisa Roberts with an assemblage of contemporary products.


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