Lindlund is a Creative Ruler that Oozes Lagom

Lindlund is a beautiful new analog ruler designed by Swedes for the digital age.
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The Lindlund project is currently live on Kickstarter and is on its way to being fully funded.

In addition to inches and centimeters the rules features measurement guides for pica and ppi, with the goal of helping aid digital designers handle measurements in the real world as they sketch and prototype their designs.

This beautiful and minimal aluminum rulers come in two colors: Luxe Silver and Midnight Black.

They were designed with an anti-slip backsides to help create a steady environment while drawing guides, sketching a prototype on paper, or starting a new project.

According to the Kickstarter page:

The pixel edge has a simulated 150ppi (pixels per inch) divided up into batches of 10 pixels. It also has measurements indicating the size of an iPhone and iPad screen.

The detail put into this project make it fit with the Swedish ethos of lagom that I have written about before. It is minimal, beautiful, and at the same time elevates the form of the ruler to something that every designer needs: precise measurements for paper and screen.

I'm excited to see this project get funded and reach its full potential.



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