Why Brazilian Modernist Lina Bo Bardi Is “Among the Most Important Architects of the 20th Century”

The author of “Lina Bo Bardi” peels back the layers of the influential architect’s work.
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Author, architect, and professor Zeuler Lima has dedicated the better part of his career to studying the work of 20th-century architect Lina Bo Bardi. Born Achillina Bo, in Rome, Italy, Bo Bardi relocated to Brazil in 1946 and set up practice there, creating some of the best-known buildings in the country, including the São Paulo Museum of Art. In his book, Lina Bo Bardi (Yale University Press) and in the companion film, Lina Bo Bardi, Curator, a special commission by Munich’s Architekturmuseum on the occasion of Bo Bardi’s birth centennial in 2014, Lima invites the audience to experience the intricacies of the elusive Italian expatriate’s work.

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