Lightpot by Studio Shulab

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By Sarah Rich
Many an indoor planter has passed across the pixels of design blogs lately, always a clear symbol of sustainability, modern domesticity, and conscientious consumption. Not every countertop garden makes the grade where aesthetics are concerned, but Studio Shulab's Lightpot is an overachiever in the form and style department.

Founded by Israeli designers Kfir Schwalb and Orit Magia, Studio Shulab creates everything from small-scale products like the Lightpot to complete interiors and multi-platform branding campaigns. Their design sense is apparent in the futuristic silhouette and smooth surface of the neutral colored Lightpot, and naturally the use of an LED grow light inside the conical top reflects their awareness of advanced, environmentally-focused technology. The LED also keeps herbs and plants thriving regardless of natural light sources in a room.

Via: designboom

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