This Danish “Light House” Radically Reinterprets the Classic A-Frame

This Danish “Light House” Radically Reinterprets the Classic A-Frame

By Anna Squier
Warm and modern, with striking views of the surrounding landscape, this Nordic-inspired vacation rental typifies simple living.

Set within a low-lying area of Vestervig, Denmark, this 1,650-square-foot retreat known as the Light House is framed by the North Sea to the west, a lake to the north, and the fjord to the east. The home's proximity to nature and engagement with its dramatic setting create unique architectural experiences both inside and out. 

The Light House is all about embracing the natural elements with a focus on light, air, and the physical connection to the surrounding terrain. 

Architect and owner Søren Sarup of PURAS Architecture has designed a vacation house that will leave you longing for it after leaving. Designed with simple, beautifully arranged spaces and materials, the home is open and inviting with nature at the forefront. 

Open living spaces embrace the Nordic views. Wood decking which extends from inside to outside furthers the connection between the two.  A wood burning fireplace lies at the heart of the home, providing a warm and cozy space for gathering with friends of family. 

You can cook and dine while taking in the stunning vistas of the rugged landscape and water views. 

The 1 1/2 level home includes two very different but complementary structures: a horizontal rectangular body with broad windows, and a vertical triangular body known as the 'A-House.'

The slate roof of the triangular 'A-House'  contrasts with the Douglas fir clad rectangular body of the adjacent form. Exterior terraces wrap and connect the two building forms. 

The rectangular body includes a long floor plan with an open living room, dining room and kitchen, a bedroom, bathroom, and the entrance hall. 

Expansive windows connect interior living spaces the wild outdoors right outside. 

Floating wood stair treads provide an unobstructed view from end to end of the entrance hall, leaving the space open and bright. 

The triangle-shaped building, the A-House, includes two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a lounge area under the roof peak with panoramic views over the lake. 

A bunk room is the perfect space for kids to enjoy this Nordic retreat. 

A lofted bonus room lies atop the stairs at the peak of the 'A-House' with panoramic views of the dune-dotted landscape. 

Nature extends inside and inversely the living spaces extend out. Wooden terraces are designed with several living corners and rooms that offer shade, shelter, or a place in the sun.  Four terraces in total provide plentiful outdoor living spaces for embracing the raw landscape during all seasons of the year. 

Clad in Douglas fir, the home is constructed of low maintenance materials that tie in with the natural surroundings. 

The continuous use of untreated wood cladding and natural slate, in both color and material, blend with the environment. On the interior, warm wooden surfaces, bright white walls, and classic Danish furniture pieces create a calm and relaxed atmosphere that break the boundary between indoor and outdoor life. 

This contemporary kitchen with clean lines, hidden appliances, and ceramic stone countertops are a chef's dream. 

No detail goes unnoticed in this modern kitchen.  A floating wood shelf provides the perfect location for storing tea and coffee necessities.  A wood wrapped hood conceals the cooking mechanics while tying in nicely with the natural palette of the home.

The master bath is open and airy with white walls, a large shower and soaking tub, and natural slate tile flooring which ties in with the natural setting. 

Even from the bathtub there are unobstructed views and connection to the lake right outside the windows.

Rest and relax with views of the lake at morning or night from this serene retreat. 

This 'Light House' is all about embracing the natural setting—the light, the air, and the scenery.  Perfect for families or friends, you yourself can experience the peaceful bliss and astounding vistas from this Nordic retreat for as low as 600 euro per week

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Project Credits:

Architect of Record: PURAS Architecture / @puras_architecture

Structural Engineer: Stokvad radgivende ingeni0rer A/S

Landscape Architecture: PURAS Architecture

Lighting Design: PURAS Architecture

Interior Design: PURAS Architecture


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