9 Items to Level Up Your Laundry Room, According to Hannah Yokoji of The Laundress

The brand director of the upscale all-natural detergent brand shares how to live your best clean life.
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 Hannah Yokoji, brand director at detergent brand The Laundress, is all about investing in quality products. It’s part of the reason why she’s stayed at The Laundress for over six years, having started at the company as an intern; she believes in and is unwaveringly passionate about the products, which are all formulated from plant-derived ingredients. When I ask her what sets The Laundress apart from other cleaning brands in the market, Yokoji tells me the team is dedicated to "exceptional fabric care," a surprising twist of an answer since I was expecting her to mention something along the lines of soaping technology or cleaning innovations. To be certain, The Laundress is all those things and more, but the emphasis has always been on fabric care and education so that customers could make empowered decisions when it comes to keeping their clothes fresh while being as gentle on the earth as possible (hat tip: sign up for The Laundress newsletters, which are always chock full of cleaning tips).  

Hannah Yokoji is brand director at The Laundress.

Hannah Yokoji is brand director at The Laundress.

"Even prior to working at The Laundress I was really into special clothing that were vintage or thrifted that I didn't trust in the washing machine, especially at the laundromat where you have less control over the cycle," says Yokoji. "So I would typically hand wash them in my bathroom and hang them to drip-dry in the bathtub. Laundering by hand has always been a relaxing experience for me because I felt like I was taking the best care of my pieces so they last."

The Laundress, as it turns out, was fitting for Yokoji who became obsessed with how to preserve and extend the lives of beloved threads. With access to the best-in-class detergent products and the knowledge of how to use them, it wasn’t long before Yokoji began to outfit her own laundry room with the most efficient items — a space-saving trash bin, a fashion industry-standard steamer, a squishy-on-the-feet mat, to name a few — that best suit her NYC apartment. It all goes back to investing in quality products.

"I know not everyone enjoys doing laundry, but you can find joy in taking care of something, right? And there are things that you can do to personalize and liven up your laundry space and make it functional and beautiful. So that has generally been my approach," Yokoji says of some of her favorite laundry-related items. "Whether it’s a waste bin or [installing better] lighting, there are little touches you can make to ease your routine and make laundry feel less like an overwhelming, daunting chore. It doesn't have to be the most expensive item, but as long as it's functional and works for you, then that's ultimately the goal." 

"A cushioned floor mat is an easy way to bring some personality to a laundry room and bring the space together. It also helps reduce standing fatigue when sorting, pretreating stains, and folding laundry."

House of Noa Ula Nama Standing Mat
Meet Ula, a Moroccan-inspired anti fatigue kitchen mat made for bohemian souls (and soles). With a neutral palette and organic, hand-illustrated design, this kitchen mat vibes with a range of interior styles—making it a win for free-spirited minimalists and maximalists, alike.

"It’s easier to enjoy doing laundry when your space is tidy. Keeping a nice trash bin nearby is convenient for emptying pockets, cutting off tags, and discarding packaging. This sleek trash can has a wide opening for regularly cleaning out dryer lint, and doubles as a small tabletop for keeping fabric care tools handy."

Yamazaki Home Tower Side Table Trash Can
Time to table your old trash can. Is it a table or a waste bin? Why not both! This side table is the perfect couch or bedside companion for holding a cup of coffee, alarm clock, cell phone, or other decoration.

"New York City living means I don’t have the luxury of an in-unit washer and dryer, so this sturdy triple divider hamper on wheels is a godsend for sorting and rolling my family’s laundry to the basement. Having an efficient workspace is also crucial, and this one features a removable wooden lid that can be used as a folding table, side table, or extra surface to maximize space."

The Laundress Steele Canvas Triple Hamper With Folding Table
The ultimate hamper for storing, sorting, and folding! Our Steele Canvas Triple Divider Hamper is a stylish rolling bin that's designed to last and make laundering a breeze.

"The high heat and agitation from tumble drying can lead to shrinkage, fading, and weakening of fabrics so I air dry whenever possible to preserve my garments. This sturdy folding rack stashes easily in a closet, and I particularly like the lay-flat mesh shelf for sweaters."

Honey Can Do Large Folding Wing Clothes Drying Rack
This eco-friendly alternative to energy-sucking dryers is equipped with 42 linear feet of drying space that can hold 18 to 20 garments or up to 50 lbs.

"This is the perfect introduction to expert garment care, with fabric-specific solutions to properly clean and preserve a variety of laundry loads—from everyday cotton, linen, and activewear to ‘dry clean only’ silk and cashmere. The thoughtfully-designed bottles are also a quick way to spruce up your space—you won’t mind leaving them out on display."

The Laundress Best Sellers Kit
For the first time ever we're bundling our bestselling detergents for the ultimate laundering experience.

"There’s a reason the Jiffy steamer is part of any fashion industry toolkit–it’s a professional grade investment that will last. Steaming provides the safest finish for garments, quickly releasing wrinkles for a smooth finish. I frequently use the convenient garment hook to hang outfits for the day ahead, and the large water tank means fewer refills. Goodbye ironing!"

Jiffy J-2M Clothing Steamer
The Jiffy Steamer J-2M quickly and efficiently removes wrinkles from most fabrics and is perfect for home or light commercial use. Steam is the gentler alternative to ironing and is great for removing wrinkles from clothing, tablecloths, bedspreads and delicate materials.

"These mesh bags are designed with a covered zipper flap for protection along with a gusset bottom for extra movement while machine washing. They’re perfect for protecting delicates and knits in the wash, and for corralling small items like socks and underwear (no more soggy socks found wedged in the door seal). I also use them to prevent items like delicate tops and high-end jeans from accidentally going in the dryer with the rest of my load."                       

The Laundress Mesh Bag Bundle
Protect wool, delicates, embellished items—even denim and activewear—from tangles and snags in the machine with our thoughtfully designed Mesh Washing Bags. These long-lasting fine-mesh bags won't catch on the machine drum, but provide enough movement for effective cleaning.

"The Aera allows me to enjoy my favorite Laundress scents beyond the laundry room and into the rest of my home. Its unique diffusion technology evenly releases top, middle, and base notes all at once for a comprehensive scent experience. I keep the No. 723 capsule running at the entrance of my apartment for a welcoming freshness that helps inspire me to do my laundry."

Aera Diffuser
Clean fragrance and aromatherapy diffuser system for medium to large-sized rooms.  ...

"Towels are a laundry staple. The short, yet absorbent, pile of these plush organic towels helps expedite drying while minimizing lint transfer. I use them to absorb water from cashmere and other fine knits that can’t be tumble dried or hung. After washing, lay the item flat on a clean towel with the item in its original shape, and roll it up in the towel (like a sleeping bag) to remove excess water. Then, lay flat in its original shape to dry."

Coyuchi Air Weight Organic Towels
Our very first towel is also our most loved. Loomed from long loops of pure organic cotton, this best seller is the organic workhorse of the household, with a twill weave whose highs and lows create the perfect texture for drying off quickly and efficiently.

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