KOR's Kickstarter: Nava Filtering Water Bottle

KOR's Kickstarter: Nava Filtering Water Bottle

By Sara Ost
KOR Water kickstarters (Is that a verb? We're making it a verb) a new filtering water bottle design. Take a look at how tap is going triple bottom line.

KOR Water has launched what it hopes will be the "bottled water killer," Nava, on Kickstarter. The brand—known for its popular candy-colored water "hydration vessels"—has garnered 244 pledges for $11,186 of its $50,000 goal thus far today in a pre-sale effort.

The Nava—the product of two years of research and development—features a unique ergonomic mouthpiece that doesn't require sucking or squeezing; a hands-free design with a flip top, push-button cap that protects the mouthpiece when not in use; and an eco-friendly coconut filtration system.

Nava will be available in July and comes with a subscription service for filters.

"Thirty years ago, the bottled water industry barely existed. Today, it’s a 10 billion dollar moral hazard. By providing a stylish, convenient alternative, we think Nava can turn back the clock on bottled water," says KOR Co-Founder and President Paul Shustak.

Kickstarter has been host to several innovative products in the overall category, including the recently launched Soma, a sustainable, ultra high-design competitor that offers a luxurious glass carafe with a conscience in contrast to Brita's plastic pitcher. (Like KOR Water's Nava, Soma offers a convenient subscription service.)


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