KOR's Kickstarter: Nava Filtering Water Bottle
By Sara Ost / Published by Dwell
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KOR Water has launched what it hopes will be the "bottled water killer," Nava, on Kickstarter. The brand—known for its popular candy-colored water "hydration vessels"—has garnered 244 pledges for $11,186 of its $50,000 goal thus far today in a pre-sale effort.

The Nava—the product of two years of research and development—features a unique ergonomic mouthpiece that doesn't require sucking or squeezing; a hands-free design with a flip top, push-button cap that protects the mouthpiece when not in use; and an eco-friendly coconut filtration system.

Nava will be available in July and comes with a subscription service for filters.

“Thirty years ago, the bottled water industry barely existed. Today, it’s a 10 billion dollar moral hazard. By providing a stylish, convenient alternative, we think Nava can turn back the clock on bottled water,” says KOR Co-Founder and President Paul Shustak.

Kickstarter has been host to several innovative products in the overall category, including the recently launched Soma, a sustainable, ultra high-design competitor that offers a luxurious glass carafe with a conscience in contrast to Brita's plastic pitcher. (Like KOR Water's Nava, Soma offers a convenient subscription service.)

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