Kodasema Launches Prefab Tiny Homes in the U.S. Starting at $95K

Kodasema is now accepting orders for their prefabricated micro homes in North and South America.
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After receiving years of inquiries from across the Atlantic, Estonian design firm Kodasema is finally making their award-winning prefab KODA homes available in North and South America—and orders can be shipped within just 16 weeks.

Triple-glazed glass walls fill the interior with natural light. KODA units can be engineered to stack on top of one another to create high-rise buildings.

Situated in New York, Kodasema LLC is a joint venture between Kodasema and Nomad Modular LLC. The new office will oversee three North American production facilities in Brooklyn, New York; Calgary, Canada; and Portland, Oregon, where the micro homes will be prefabricated with minimal waste.

This steel-reinforced timber-frame KODA Loft installed in Ireland features an open-plan living area and kitchen, a full bath, a mezzanine sleeping area, and a covered front terrace.

The KODA Loft also comes with an external ladder on the back wall for roof access. The front terrace includes a mailbox and bicycle mount.

Kodasema will first launch the KODA Loft and KODA Loft Extended models in the U.S., with the smaller KODA Compact to follow soon after. The full Kodasema product line, which is currently only available in Europe, also includes the flagship KODA Concrete and the KODA Float, which is engineered for waterfront living.

KODA micro homes are delivered complete with electrical, water, and plumbing hookups as well as LEDs, cabinetry, a working kitchen with a built-in fridge, and bathroom fixtures.

Buyers can customize their KODA micro homes with a variety of finishes and add-ons, such as a dishwasher or integrated dining table.

Like the KODA EU units, KODA U.S. models will be energy efficient, customizable, and stylish with a Nordic-inspired design approach that emphasizes natural materials, access to daylight, and minimalism. However, the U.S. models will slightly differ from their European counterparts in size and construction materials.

Built-in cabinetry, mirrored surfaces, and a minimalist design approach give the compact interiors a sense of spaciousness.

The view from the top of the stairs next to the mezzanine bedroom in a KODA Loft.

"Whilst in Europe KODAs are exclusively timber frame, in the U.S., we are adding different structural technologies to best serve the market and its various climate conditions and building codes," shares the Kodasema team, noting that the U.S. models can be engineered using panelized technologies with metal frames and/or SIP panels. "Still, the look, feel, and touch of KODA, with exceptional R-values, will remain true to the brand, its design, and architecture."

A look inside a KODA Loft bathroom.

Designed to accommodate families, the larger KODA Loft Extended includes two sleeping spaces, additional storage space, and a back terrace. The extended size also makes it an ideal choice for a live/work space.

In addition to responding to different climatic needs, the KODA U.S. models will also have a larger footprint than those in Europe. The U.S. KODA Loft will offer 395 square feet of living space, while the KODA Loft Extended will cover 553 square feet.

Mineral wool insulation and energy-efficient SIP construction makes the KODA units suitable for year-round use.

Launched in 2019, the KODA Park in Tallinn Harbor features 20 KODA units in a mixed-use "pop-up village" that include lodging, retail, and office space.

The base price for the KODA Loft starts at $95,000 and the KODA Loft Extended starts at $125,000. Kodasema LLC will sell direct to consumers, and the company is also looking for opportunities to develop KODA Parks—clusters of prefab units that can be used in a variety of settings, from mixed-use recreational centers to solar-powered retirement home communities and school extensions.

A KODA prefab micro home can be installed in just one day.

The first KODA U.S. models will ship to upstate New York and Cupertino, California, in December 2020. The company is also planing to launch a showroom in New York in 2021.

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