Kickstarter of the Week: Food Huggers

Kickstarter of the Week: Food Huggers

By Kelsey Keith
A pair of industrial designers mines their prospective audience to drum up funding for a simple yet genius kitchen product.

The kitchen—the hearth of any home, modern or not—is ripe for reinvention and innovation. And from glassware to food storage, we at Dwell love new kitchenware. So we were thrilled to chance upon Food Huggers, a Kickstarter campaign launched by two industrial designers, Michelle Ivankovic and Adrienne McNicholas. Food Huggers is a range of silicone doodads that prolong the life of cut produce by forming a seal around the cut end of a fruit or vegetable. They're flexible, easy to put on and take off, colorful, washable, and compact. They keep food from rotting, negate smells, and can even be used as open can lids. 

The basic set of Food Huggers comes in four different sizes to fit an array of fruits and vegetables. The flexibility of the silicone allows a snug fit, and each one can accomodate a range of cut produce. The Huggers will be available in four colorways: Fresh Greens, Autumn Harvest, Bright Berry, and Juicy Citrus.

Food Huggers seem awfully simple, yet the beauty is in the efficiency. Silicone discs that are 100% microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe preserve food longer once it's been chopped.

Food Huggers has already (far) surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $26,000, but you've got three more days to contribute. Rewards for supporters range from a set of four "Basic Hugs" ($18) to the full range including Avocado Huggers, shipped express before anyone else receives the product ($250). 

Press a cut fruit or vegetable cut side down into the hugger and make sure the sides are flush so that the silicone seals in the natural moisture. The seal prevents air circulation which is what spoils food.

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