Keep an Eye Out With the New Nest Cam

Keep an Eye Out With the New Nest Cam

By Jenny Xie
Nest debuts its outdoor security camera and a suite of new hardware and software, bringing more comprehensive home solutions to consumers.

Nest recently introduced Nest Cam Outdoor, the latest in a line of security products for the home. A natural progression from Nest Cam Indoor, which debuted last summer, the camera is designed to weather any climate and protect against perpetrators before the break-in. Today, preorders will be arriving on doorsteps along with Sightline and person alerts, two features that give homeowners more sophisticated information so that even when the home is out of sight, it’s not out of mind. Additionally, Nest is unveiling three new editions of its flagship product, Nest Learning Thermostat, topping off the new roster of smart home technologies.

The designers put Nest Outdoor Cam through accelerated testing to ensure that it could withstand extreme weather. The camera is affixed by a powerful magnet, making the installation process accessible to geeks and non-geeks alike. The flat cord can fit through windowsills and sit flush against a surface.

Like its indoor counterpart, Nest Cam Outdoor uploads clear, around-the-clock footage to the Cloud so that even if it’s dismantled and stolen, a recording exists of the thief. A microphone and speaker enable users to communicate through the Talk and Listen feature, which comes in handy even when it’s not a security risk. ("I caught my son standing on the back of the chair, sneaking chocolates," recounts Maxime Veron, director of product marketing, "and I told him, ‘Put those down.’") An intelligent computer vision algorithm identifies important moments, zooms in on the action, and snaps a photo that notifies the homeowner.

By day or night, Nest Cams deliver high-definition footage.

A Nest Cam captures as many as 2.6 million frames per day, which can be overwhelming to sift through. The updated Nest app comes equipped with Sightline, a new feature that allows users to scroll through a timeline that displays key frames, so it’s quick and easy to find the moment someone grabbed a package from your front porch or unlocked a side gate. For the first time, Nest Cam owners will benefit from a free 3-hour history with snapshots even without a subscription to Nest Aware. For subscribers with video history, the person alerts feature sends a photo and notification if the Nest Cam thinks it spots a person, even specifying how sure it is.

All Nest Cam owners get a free 3-hour history with Sightline. Nest Aware subscribers are able to scroll further through a continuous timeline with key moments highlighted through frames. Sightline allows users to zoom in on and replay important moments and delineate Activity Zones to monitor. 

The Nest Learning Thermostat is getting an update, too. The Premium Collection comes in white, copper, and black with luxe, durable finishes to appeal to more consumers and align with different styles. Together, the new editions, products, and features arriving from Nest expand options in form and functionality that promote safer, smarter living.

Nest Learning Thermostats now come in more color options to fit into a larger range of design schemes. The white edition pairs well with Nest Cam Outdoor and complements clean, minimalist spaces; the black option boasts diamond-like carbon coating that resists scratches and repels oil. Finally, the copper version, pictured above, brings warmth to a space. "It's a conversation starter," says Veron.

Nest Cam Outdoor is available for $199 here. Order a Nest Learning Thermostat for $249 here


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