Karim Rashid's Pebble Collection

Karim Rashid's Pebble Collection

This summer, the prolific, plastic-loving designer Karim Rashid teamed up with 3M and its Post-it and Scotch brands for a new collaboration. The result of the team-up is the new Pebble Collection by Karim.

The collection features two products: the Post-It Dispenser and the Scotch Dispenser. The shape of each is based on the smooth, natural geometries of pebbles and stones, however, the high-gloss finishes and color options—white, black, and, notably, purple—are pure Rashid (who never fails when it comes to being bright and bold with colors and materials).

The full range of 3M's Pebble Collection by Karim: the Post-It Dispenser and Scotch Dispenser each in white, black, and purple.

Though splashy, the designs (especially in the black and white versions) are still subtle enough to blend into a workspace. They're functional too. Both pieces feature non-slip bottoms and are weighted so that they stay in place and can be used with one hand without them moving or becoming awkward to use. The top of the Post-It Dispenser twists off so you can refill it with additional Pop-Up Post-It Notes. It's a thoughtful, easy-to-use design, but sometimes an attempt to move the dispenser accidentally results a removal of the top instead.

The shape of the Post-It Dispenser is based on that of a stone. Its color and gloss, however, give it a very futuristic look.

The desktop accessories retail for about $8-13 each at office supply stories. While a sticky note dispenser is by no means a workspace necessity, it can certainly help make them easy to find. And if you use tape, Rashid's Scotch Dispenser is a cute alternative to the traditional angular, matte black offerings. For more information about either product, visit post-it.com or scotchbrand.com.

Despite their high-floss finishes and bulbous shapes, the Pebble Collection by Karim dispensers blend in well on this desktop.


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