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Just Browsing

By Shonquis Moreno
Personal devices are the new frontier for shops peddling their wares. Have a look at how your toddler will shop.

Martin Raymond, strategy and insight codirector of the Future Laboratory:

"As pop-up has become the norm, and 3-D the default way a new generation expects to be entertained, all retail will have to appeal to the emotional, experiential, and creative aspects of consumers—–especially if they are to be lured away from the keyboard and back onto the shop floor. This will require a new commitment to retail design that truly woos and a ramping up of service that, until now, has been found in bars, exclusive clubs, and five-star luxury hotels."

Marc Weshler, senior vice president, Ovation In-Store, a service that folds technologies, such as in-store displays, into the retail environment:

"The mobile phone will definitely become a unique tool that will allow the shopper to checkout, download instant coupons, scan barcodes for promotions, and a host of other options. We’ve done programs where instead of touch screens, you can turn your phone into a remote control to access a screen for information while the business is closed. You can also use your phone to allow a credit-card transaction from outside a store so you can shop from outside the store, outside of business hours."

Rich Varda, senior vice president of store design, Target:

"In five years, every Target guest will be connected to the Internet—–via their iPad or their phone or other device—–the entire time they’re in the store. If that’s the case, what can we deliver? We are increasing the ease and the speed of getting information on a product. We’re even looking at providing electronic maps of each different store on your cell phone so you can say, ‘Where is this particular product?’ and get to it quickly."

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