A Young Family’s 200-Square-Foot RV Fits Two Bedrooms and a Playroom

Based in South Carolina, Jacqueline and Josh LaDue gave their 31-foot RV a makeover on a budget of just $2,000.

Sick of paying sky-high rent, Jacqueline and Josh LaDue decided to downsize and move into a 31-foot RV—a 2018 Forrest River Grey Wolf, to be precise—with their five-year-old son, Brayden. With a budget of only $2,000, the couple renovated the tiny home to make it suitable for full-time dwelling in South Carolina.

A black-and-white kitchen takes the place of the dated dinette table. Peel-and-stick tiles from Wallpops adorns the backsplash, while the white countertop and cabinets lend a spacious feel to the area.

Their overall goal was to create a rustic-modern vibe pairing neutral tones with a black-and-white motif. They started with the main living space, replacing the oversized dinette and leather sofa bed with a compact, fully equipped kitchen.

A small refrigerator and well-organized pantry outfit the kitchen.

In order to maximize all 200 square feet of the RV, the LaDues prioritized function in every design decision they made. Though it was a challenge, they were able to fit two separate bedrooms into the small space: a bedroom for them, and a small bunk room for their son. There’s also a sitting area, which doubles as a reading nook and dining area, and a bathroom.

A floral partition cleverly disguises the master bedroom, providing a bit of privacy in this otherwise open space. A handsome green hutch rests in front of the partition, serving as multi-functional storage (mostly for kitchen items) as well as an electric fireplace.

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Jacqueline modernized the run-down RV bathroom with white peel-and-stick subway tile from Smart Tiles and a few coats of white paint on the dated brown walls. A brushed nickel faucet and garment hook complete the chic look, along with the wooden shelf above the sink.

Adding life but not clutter, Jacqueline has adorned the RV with lots of greenery; a papaya-print shower curtain echoes the tiny home’s plant life. A woven trash can and wood shelving give the room a chic, organic touch. 

When they purchased the RV, it had a small bunk bed in the corner. It was Josh who came up with the idea to eliminate the bottom bunk and create a cool loft space for Brayden, with a playroom underneath. 

Brayden's playroom, located under his lofted bed, is clad in black-and-white foam tiles and a coordinating accent wall.

It’s been 10 months since the LaDue family moved into their RV, and they haven’t regretted it for a single day. Says Jacqueline, "I love having a unique home. Though living in an RV is gaining popularity by the day, it still feels pretty cool to be doing something out of the 'norm.'"

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