Introducing the Power Slider for iPhone

My one complaint, however (besides sometimes sub-par AT&T service), is that the battery life is remarkably short. While my old cell phone used to need charging just as couple of times per week, I find my iPhone battery almost drained by the end of each day. This is why I was pleased to discover that Incase, the company that puts out many of the protective sleeves available for iPhone, has developed a special case called the Power Slider, which contains an additional charging device to help extend the battery life of the phone.

The Power Slider contains a slim lithium-ion polymer battery that syncs with the phone's internal battery. When the case is on, the external battery power goes first, preserving the main battery's juice for later. An LED display light indicates how much power remains. The Power Slider will be available in time for the holidays and costs just about $100. My only lament now is that I just purchased the Incase model that looks nearly identical to the Power Slider but lacks its charging capabilities. I suppose I'll have to add this to my gift list.


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