Instagram We Love: Modern-Rustic Goals

Instagram We Love: Modern-Rustic Goals

By Dwell
This cozy yet minimal home is filled to its high ceilings with ceramics, fresh bread, and lots of coffee.

Angie Wendricks and her husband purchased a plot of land on a clover field outside of Pendleton, Indiana, five years ago. They proceeded to design and construct a 728-square-foot house with the help of a local builder. With 22-foot ceilings and crisp white interiors, the residence feels more spacious than its footprint. Angie publishes outtakes from her experience living in the home as Country Roads Living, posting curated vignettes of the abode’s modern-rustic aesthetic on Instagram. 

This photo was taken when the couple first moved in into the 728-square-foot house. 

A view of the kitchen from the couple's lofted bedroom. 

Wendricks captures a somber scene during a rainy day, completed with candles. 

While enjoying a cup of coffee, Wendricks captures a view of the living room. 


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