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Have you ever seen a flat, lifeless art studio? Didn’t think so. Your immediate environment plays a pivotal role in awakening your imagination and keeping you motivated along the way, not to mention enhancing your mood state. CEO of Clique Media Group (parent company to MyDomaine) Katherine Power struck a balance between this and a creative corporate dynamic when she designed the media group’s striking Los Angeles headquarters. 

"Our past offices have had a fashiony feel, and with this new office, I wanted to show that we’ve very much moved beyond that as CMG and into a global business," she told MyDomaine. "That, coupled with the fact that our company has grown in number of employees by close to 60% in the past year with multiple departments, we needed to create a space where everyone was comfortable working so that everyone could do their best work. It wasn’t an easy task, and Felderman Keatinge along with Wayfair were instrumental in helping couple efficient work designs, a corporate look, yet keeping a core creative environment." 

Ahead, Power reveals her vision for the new office, style notes, and tips for designing a productive and beautiful space that enhances workplace creativity.

Written by Sacha Strebe

Photo: Chris Patey for MyDomaine; Styling: Wayfair

If you’ve ever seen Power’s former Beverly Hills pad or the petite powder room in her new home, then you know she has impeccable interior design taste—her rug-selection instincts are flawless too. So when it came to designing the new office, there was never a doubt it would be insanely stylish. Power managed to incorporate her personal taste into the design without compromising the business aesthetic. 

"My taste at home is very streamlined to begin with but, of course, much more personal," she said. "I’d say our décor in the office feels strong, like our company, and is a bit masculine in feel." 

In particular, the showstopping Lawrence of La Brea rugs in the waiting room and employee lounge areas really set the tone but also add a touch of warmth.

Lawrence of La Brea Antique Tabriz Rug ($8450)

Photo: Chris Patey for MyDomaine; Styling: Wayfair

As with any major renovation, there were challenges along the way. 

"In the past, we have always had what I would consider to be ‘creative spaces’—open, loft-like offices with exposed beams and concrete floors," said Power. "This is hard to find in the bigger size that we needed (our new space is approximately 30,000 square feet), so we had to find a way to take something that is naturally more corporate and turn it into an inspiring space that matches our vision as a company. 

"Luckily, the floor-to-ceiling windows are an amazing attribute, and we made them the focus of our ‘wow’ element in the space. Adding the black steel–framed glass and lacquered, tall black doors gave the space some extra style. We also looked for lighting that was a little more design-driven than traditional track lighting."

Arteriors Home Jordan Vase ($168)

Photo: Chris Patey for MyDomaine; Styling: Wayfair

Just like your home’s entryway, the reception desk is your company’s first opportunity to make a good impression. This stylish meeting point is professional with a personal touch. Here, the marble wall adds a chic contemporary feel while the natural timber desk brings much-needed warmth and character to the space.

Kelly Wearstler Dillon Dish ($425)

Photo: Chris Patey for MyDomaine; Styling: Wayfair

While the expansive windows allow ample natural light to flood into the large meeting room, the modern ceiling pendants add a stylish touch yet still feel professional and corporate.

Safavieh Loreley Mid-Back Task Chair ($210)

Photo: Chris Patey for MyDomaine; Styling: Wayfair

Since the space utilizes a mostly open floor plan with only a few private offices, Power wanted to create designated lounge areas where teams could casually meet and brainstorm in small groups. 

"I’m a strong believer that stepping away from your desk and computer can help with blocks in creativity," she said, "so my hope is that others find the same reprieve with these lounge areas."

Saarinen Low Oval Coffee Table ($1676)

Photo: Chris Patey for MyDomaine; Styling: Wayfair

But even for those at their desks, natural light was a huge must for Power in the new office space. 

"We have floor-to-ceiling windows to make sure everything feels bright and spacious," she said. "Also, that way, everyone can always enjoy our beautiful Hollywood Hills view."

Aeon Furniture Troy Side Chair ($708)

Photo: Chris Patey for MyDomaine; Styling: Wayfair

Just like for her last office, CMG co-founder and Chief Ideation Officer Hillary Kerr wanted her new one to be an extension of herself. This elevated bar cart proves business and pleasure do mix.

Modloft George Wall Mirror ($599)

Photo: Chris Patey for MyDomaine; Styling: Wayfair

When crafting a killer corner office, Power said, there’s one essential design element. 

"Having a separate seating area away from your desk is incredibly important," she stressed. "The ability to step away from the distraction of your computer and remove the barrier of your desk leads to more intimate and productive discussions."

Arteriors Home Jacoby Floor Lamp ($904)

Photo: Chris Patey for MyDomaine; Styling: Wayfair

When it came to designing her own office, Power’s exquisite interior design taste really came to the forefront, fusing iconic furniture with current pieces for a cool and contemporary yet corporate feel. Her favorite piece is the camel-colored leather couch. 

"I fell in love with the unique color," she said. "It was one that I hadn’t really seen anywhere else. It also helped keep a corporate office feel while avoiding the standard executive black leather chairs."

Arteriors Home Lou End Table ($720)

Photo: Chris Patey for MyDomaine; Styling: Wayfair

When you spend so much time at your desk, you have to find the right one, and this desk workspace is the perfect fusion of fashion and function. It’s also another one of Power’s favorite things in the new space. 

"I was drawn to it because it was such a unique piece," she said. "Also, it’s open, making it feel less like an abrasive executive desk and hopefully a bit more welcoming."

Pierre Jeanneret Senat Chair Circa 1955 (price upon request)

Photo: Chris Patey for MyDomaine; Styling: Wayfair

If you really want to ramp up the productivity dial, Power said, make it personal. 

"I like having a couple images around the office of loved ones," she said. "I stuck to two: one of my husband and one of my close girlfriends. It gives a nice visual break when your day feels overwhelming."

Rodolphe Castellani for Tema Dann TV Stand Sideboard ($632)

Photo: Chris Patey for MyDomaine; Styling: Wayfair

Additionally, there are various touch points across the two-floor office space for employees to find respite, take a call, or simply host a meeting outside of the formal conference room. The eighth floor has stylish lounge areas with sofas and velvet chairs, chic phone rooms for private calls, and an outdoor area for lunch breaks and meetings. It’s anything but stagnant. 

"In addition to lounge areas, we have a separate section on our ninth floor with desks that you can convert to standing if you’d like a break from your desk," she said. "Also, employees were able to request a standing desk at their desk if they wanted. Having that flexibility was important to me."

Michael Anastassiades for Flos IC S2 Pendant ($645)

Courtesy of Felderman Keatinge 

Creating a flexible working environment where employees could move about the office as they please was invaluable for Power, as was the expansive outdoor area of the office. 

"If you’re lucky enough to have any outside space at your office, use it," she urged. "We tried to create several outdoor work and hangout areas for our team with multiple seating areas, umbrellas, and a fire pit." 

In all, it’s a one-of-a-kind space.

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