Watch a Future Oak Tree Sprout Roots With the Ilex Acorn Vase
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Watch a Future Oak Tree Sprout Roots With the Ilex Acorn Vase

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By Camille Rankin
We all know that mighty oaks from little acorns grow. But actually watching the process from the start is a rare experience.

Ilex Studio has made it easier by designing an elegant acorn vase expressly for that purpose. Standing four inches high, the vase has a round base for water, a narrow neck, and a cup-shaped top for holding a germinated acorn. (The acorns are not included, but detailed instructions on how to prepare them are.)

In pretty short order, the nut splits open and begins spreading roots into the base of the vase, and a stem and leaves out the top. You can see progress daily, and it’s fascinating—even emotional—to watch. If all goes well and your little acorn eventually makes it into the ground (after about a year in the vase and a year in a pot), it might indeed become a mighty oak. Parenting without the teenage years—what could be better?

The Ilex Acorn Vase is currently available at Ilex; Troutbeck (845-789-1555); Flora Garden and Home (845-764-1886); and Detroit Gardens Works.

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