Hyundai Ride and Drive

Hyundai Ride and Drive

By Hanni Chehak
Recently Dwell partnered with the Hyundai Sonata Uncensored campaign, an interactive, traveling exhibit designed to welcome visitors to a unique space where they could learn more about the Hyundai brand. As part of the collaboration, Bay Area designer and architect Christopher Deam created an installation piece called The Porch, a modern hangout for guests to take a load off, sip a beverage, and learn a little bit about modern design and the Hyundai Sonata. We caught up with Deam as he shared his inspiration behind his design.

Deam's design turned a refurbished shipping container into a portable outdoor porch, outfitted in all things modern. Whether you test-drove a Hyundai model or cozied into a Loll Adirondack chair on the AstroTurf, Deam's porch had a lot of street cred. Check out this behind-the-scenes video filmed during a recent event in Los Angeles.

From August to October the installation traveled through 10 US cities as part of the new Hyundai Sonata Uncensored campaign. For more information visit Sonata Uncensored.

The exhibit packed up nicely to transport from city to city with relative ease.

To see more images, including shots of Deam's shipping container-turned-hangout, please visit the slideshow.

A refurbished shipping container was used as the basic building block to create the installation. Extremely portable and an innovative way to re-think and re-use a seemingly single purpose object.

The installation provided a design worthy outlet that connected users to Hyundai's social network and the Hyundai brand. Dwell visited with architect Christopher Deam to discuss the conceptualization and design process behind the collaborative effort.

Sourcing ideas from his own modern aesthetic, Deam’s inspiration and thought process was centered around trying to create "a convivial atmosphere where people could effortlessly interact and exchange ideas casually. A porch embodies those ideas for me, and I felt like it would be an unpretentious way to bring people together."

Entering the container doors, you’re greeted by a Woolly Pocket vertical garden to your left and an assortment of Loll Designs outdoor furniture.The empty space carved out by the disassembled walls of the container help to complete a room-like feeling with a relaxing communal area.

A portion of the main outdoor area features flooring by Lonseal, outdoor furniture by Loll Designs, West Elm ottomans, and flexible bins by Tubtrugs.

The outdoor furniture collection by Loll utilizes 100% recycled plastic from milk jugs. Their eco-friendly construction reinforces the narrative that an outdoor porch is effective when in harmony with all things green.

Interactive stations equipped with computers and iPads introduced guests to Sonata's Facebook and YouTube social media platforms.

Often, good design means creating synergistic relationships between people and experiences.

As Deam puts it, "Good design connects people to the experience they are engaged in. It heightens a feeling of presence, and reveals connections that they may not have noticed before."

iPad's placed throughout The Porch created an opportunity for guests of all ages to interact with the technology used to create the Uncensored campaign.

Deam believes good design is composed of a mixture of simplicity, clarity, purpose and joy.

The functional design element provided by the container blended seamlessly into the outdoor feel with the use of straightforward, minimal materials and the creative use of empty space.

Hyundai offered several vehicles for guests to test-drive; both the 2011 Sonata and its competitors ( the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry) were tested against each other to see which car delivered the best performance.

For more information on the Uncensored campaign, please visit sonatauncensored.


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