How To Navigate Modern Building Codes

How To Navigate Modern Building Codes

Dwell's handy-dandy how-to guide on learning and implementing building codes.
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Tormented by blueprints? Stymied by bureaucratic red tape? Thrilled to be building your own home but driven mad by the all the hoop-jumping? Check out Dwell's handy-dandy how-to guide on modern building codes. 

Intro to Building Codes

Fuss all you like about sprinklers and guardrails, we need building codes. Here's how to get your architect to play along.

(And for those not quite to construction phase but dreaming of selling and starting fresh, check our guide to buying/selling in today's marketplace.)

Moving Violations

Can you spot the 11 infractions in this modern house?

Words You Should Know

Arm yourself with nine vocabulary words needed to navigate the world of building codes.

Case Study: Up to Code

How one homeowner chose a savvy architect, made nice with the building code, and moved in without a hitch.

Case Study: Permission Denied!

One poor homeowner runs afoul of the permits department, costing him a chunk of change and loads of time.

Common Modern Building Missteps

Love superclean design but fear the building inspector? Here's our guide to skirting those modernist missteps.


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