House of the Week: Whale Watching at This Edgy Abode

House of the Week: Whale Watching at This Edgy Abode

By Dwell and Matthew Keeshin
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Pinterest readers enjoyed this 1,240-square-foot home along the St. Lawrence River in Quebec looks as charming as it is edgy. Hanging above a rocky slope, the home is a prime spot for watching marine neighbors such as Beluga and Sperm whales. As a World Biosphere Reserve, the region is a calming retreat to connect with nature.   

Materials throughout the house are elemental, befitting its wilderness setting. The walls are made of cross-laminated timber and the floors are slabs of heated concrete.

Visitors can keep lookout for the St. Lawrence River’s resident marine mammals, which include Beluga and Sperm whales, from a pair of Adirondack chairs. 


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