How the Twin Cofounders of House of Léon Outfit Their Los Angeles Homes

Sculptural candles, a fun house cake stand, the vibiest light bulb, and more.
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For Jordan and Steven Neman, 29-year-old twin brothers born and raised in Los Angeles, launching their furniture and home decor brand House of Léon came out of a desire to help people find extremely well-crafted and functional pieces that are affordable and accessible. The duo releases pieces directly to their shoppers to keep costs reasonable and to streamline the process. The now-year-old company has since released two collections (with a third forthcoming), the Ojai and the Kyoto, "inspired by our travels that we feel so much gets lost in history," says Steven. "Not just local designs, but also styles and ways of living. We intentionally thread design inspiration from regions around the world into all of our collections."

Inspired by the grounded nature of the Ventura town, the Ojai dining sets and benches are made from thickly-cut honey-colored wood with rounded edges. The Kyoto chairs and tables, in contrast, are decidedly more angular, minimal, and understated, and come in starker neutrals. The global influences don’t stop there: The brothers have also enlisted a family-run carpentry shop in Turkey to bring all their design ideas to life. "To find an atelier run by three grandfathers who employ all their kids was an absolute dream," says Jordan. "These are men who not only have a solid understanding of the carpentry field, but a deep knowledge of the local materials of the region and how to best use them. The knowledge they have has been passed down from generations before them."

In addition to the wooden furniture, House of Leon is an outlet for sculptural works based on Jordan’s ceramics. Objects include a candle celebrating the female form and an abstract face vase that could serve as a vessel for a bouquet or be displayed as a standalone piece. "As creative director, Steven has really allowed me to take the lead on the design of our collections," says Jordan, "but every piece is a discussion and we make sure that both of us are happy before moving forward with production," he says of how they honor the twin synergy.

Naturally, I had to know what both of their interior tastes are like and if their differing aesthetics have influenced the other’s. "Surprisingly, it hasn’t! We may be twins and we admire each other’s individual styles, but with House of Leon our focus is on self-expression since it plays such an important role in our own lives," says Jordan, who mentions that he gravitates towards unique works of art to bring in emotion and color to a space. Steven, on the other hand, loves to "incorporate strong wooden pieces that bring warmth." When it comes to favorite home products, it’s no surprise then that the brothers have recommended off-the-wall gems like a bright silly-face cake stand alongside decor made from natural materials like a hand-woven jute rug. Despite co-owning a home design brand, Jordan and Steven make a point to keep their own home lives separate. "We both live in West Hollywood, but separately with friends," says Steven. "I think living and working together would be a bit too much for the both of us!"

"The Delphina Sculpture Candle, inspired by the figure and shape of the feminine form, brings an abstract and artistic touch to any space and is based on the work of our mother, Firoozeh Neman." —Steven Neman 

"I really love anything from L’Objet but this cake stand especially stood out to me. It’s so fun and playful but it’s also a refined artistic piece. It’s the juxtaposition of the two that isn’t something you see very often in the home space." —Jordan Neman

"For art, I have always loved The Tappan Collective. The furniture selected for a space can only take you so far. It’s the art that sets the stage for those pieces to shine and create the perfect setting. I’m incredibly obsessed with the work of Catherine Lucky Chang right now who handmakes the paper she uses for her pieces." —Steven Neman

"I like this piece because it’s light and playful while achieving a sculptural look that will elevate any space. The brass is also the perfect material choice for a piece like this." —Steven Neman

"The Face Vase is the first piece of décor based on my ceramic work. An accident in the studio led to what looked like a shoulder on a vase I was testing, and the head was sculpted as a response to that happy accident." —Jordan Neman

"I found these light bulbs while looking for filament bulbs for ceramic light fixtures that I was working on. I fell in love with their shape and now have them wherever I have the opportunity to use them in my home." —Jordan Neman

"This is not necessarily a stand-out product but I love it because of its affordability and color. It’s the perfect shade of off-white and I’ve used it in countless rooms. I’ve recommended it to so many friends." —Steven Neman

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